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We will visit your site to determine the specific application requirements of your application, listen, learn and understand your needs…Read More


Industrial Parts Cleaning

◂ Ultrasonics
◂ Spray
◂ Hydro-Deburring
◂ Vibratory Surface Finishing
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Solution Identification

We will conduct front end engineering analysis, cleanliness testing, define a project scope and collaborate with our partners to deliver…Read More


Surface Treatment

◂ Passivation
◂ Acid Etch
◂ Anodizing
◂ Phosphating
◂ Electroplating
◂ Automated Transfer Hoists
◂ Rectifiers
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We will work with our selected partner/manufacturer to build the equipment as contracted and ensure full technical…Read More


Wastewater Treatment/Oil Mist Elimination

◂ Oil Separation
◂ Ultra-Filtration (UF)
◂ Mechanical Vapour Compression (MVC)
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We offer a host of additional support services including installation, start-up assistance, operator training, life-cycle services and machine…Read More


Cleaning/Metal Finishing

◂ Alkaline
◂ Acidic
◂ Neutral pH
◂ Special Purpose cleaning chemistry – Aerospace
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